Draught marks on Carpet – Filtration Soils

Draught marks on your carpet can be a major problem to any room in the home and more often than not, throughout the whole house. draught marks on carpetThey are a very common problem especially in older properties. We see a lot of draught marks on carpets while we are out working in our Edinburgh client’s homes. Carpet Cleaners Edinburgh

What causes draught marks?

As illustrated in the picture the main areas of draught marks on the carpet are:

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Edinburgh

If you have commercial property to manage whether it is an office, a pub, club, nursery, or a rented flat/home, then it is important to have the contact details of a local professional carpet cleaner to hand. Commercial carpets tend to have the highest level of foot traffic and commercial carpeting also happens to be the most expensive. So it’s a wise move to have a regular carpet cleaning to prolong the life of the carpets as well as making them look their best!


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