Wool Safe Approved

Wool safe approved carpet cleaning in Edinburgh!

Do you have wool carpets in your home and have concerns regarding their cleaning?

wool carpet cleaner edinburgh
wool carpet cleaner edinburgh

Wool carpets are a very popular choice of natural floor covering in the UK.

They have many great benefits including being warm underfoot and hard wearing. They retain their pile shape and generally last longer than synthetic carpets. In addition to this, they are also environmentally friendly.

We at DirtMaster use the correct cleaning procedure with industry standard training and wool safe cleaning products. Your carpets will be left looking their best, deep clean, sanitised, and also safe from damage. This will prolong your carpets life for many years. 

Some commonly asked questions: 

Is it safe to clean wool carpets? Yes, 100% safe. DirtMaster has cleaned thousands of wool carpets in and around Edinburgh

Wool Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh

We’ll meticulously clean your carpets with safe, eco-friendly products and groom the pile to leave a uniformed finish. Rest assured your carpets are in safe hands.

How often should wool carpets be cleaned? There is no set rule on how often you should have your carpets cleaned but for indoor air quality, to extend the carpets life and to keep them looking thier best, we recommend 6 to 12 months depending on how busy the household is.

Will hot water extraction cleaning cause my carpets to shrink? No. Hot water extraction cleaning (also known as steam cleaning) is the most thorough method of carpet cleaning and it’s a highly recommend method of cleaning by carpet manufactures worldwide. With the correct training and safe cleaning solutions there is nothing to worry about. 

Have your wool carpets taken care of by DirtMaster!

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Wool carpet cleaning in Edinburgh by DirtMaster.