Carpet Cleaning in The Grange Edinburgh EH9 – Coffee Stain Removal

Carpet Cleaning The Grange Edinburgh

Imagine spilling a full cup of black coffee on your brand new, newly laid wool carpet! Well, this is exactly what happed to this client based in The Grange district of Edinburgh.

The new wool carpet on their stair case and landing was all of 2 days old before the incident happened.

Carpet cleaning The Grange Edinburgh
Carpet Cleaning The Grange Edinburgh

Luckly, they didn’t attempt to clean it themselves with a shop bought stain remover, and making things a lot worse but instead called DirtMaster. Off the shelf stain removers are generally no wool safe, and can permanently damage wool carpets and can also set stains in. It’s always best to call a professional carpet cleaner when dealing with stains like this and especially important when you have wool carpets.

Using our wool safe carpet cleaning stain removers, we managed to remove all of the coffee from the carpet and the stain was vastly reduced. After rinsing the stain remover and coffee out of the carpet, we then applied a mild hydrogen peroxide solution, applied heat (a hair dryer) and managed to remove the stain completely. As you can image the customer was over the moon!

We then followed up with a full cleaning of the stair carpet using a wool safe acid rinse product and then applied a stain guard to the carpets. The acid side carpet cleaning solution helps the protector bond to the wool fibers of the carpet. This protection will help with the longevity of the carpet and protect the carpet from any spillages in the future.

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