Draught marks on Carpet – Filtration Soils

Draught marks on your carpet can be a major problem to any room in the home and more often than not, throughout the whole house. draught marks on carpetThey are a very common problem especially in older properties. We see a lot of draught marks on carpets while we are out working in our Edinburgh client’s homes. Carpet Cleaners Edinburgh

What causes draught marks?

As illustrated in the picture the main areas of draught marks on the carpet are:

1. Gaps under the skirting board.

2. Gaps between the floorboards. This can be in the center of the room.

3. Holes in the carpet caused by carpet fitting tools (carpet kicker) or nails.

4. Gaps under doors.

These draught marks are caused by contaminated air blowing through the carpet, the carpet acting as a filter, removing the dirt from the air and storing the dirt into the carpet.

Leaving you, the home owner with an unsightly and a difficult to remove problem.Draught marking

Can a professional carpet cleaning fix it?

Of course! With the right cleaning product and method the marks are easily removed. And if you are based in Edinburgh then give DirtMaster a call to arrange a free quotation!

Can I prevent draught marks from coming back?

Yes, by installing draught proofing. This will prevent the movement of dirty air through your carpet. This is best carried out before a carpet is installed but can also be carried out once the carpet is fitted.

1. Laying sheets of hardboard on top of the existing floorboards.

2. Taping all the hardboard joints to prevent leaks of air.

3. Laying thick paper on top of the hardboard to adds extra draught proofing.

4. Using tape to seal the gap between the skirting board and the floor.

I recommend that you have this type of work carried out by a professional carpet fitter.

If you would like any carpet cleaning or carpet draught mark advice or, if you are based in Edinburgh and would like a free quote on carpet and upholstery cleaning, then please don’t hesitate to call DirtMaster anytime on 0131 556 3367 or 07835 627 741 or use our contact form.

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