Cleaning Wool Carpet in Edinburgh

If you own or have recently bought a new wool carpet for your home and where wondering which methods are used in cleaning wool carpets, then just simply read this article to find out how DirtMaster deals with wool carpets.

Wool carpets has come back in to fashion. The feel and warmth created by a carpet simply can’t be matched by cheap laminate flooring. Carpets made from wool are very desirable because of its soft fell and warmth they bring. Wool carpets have the advantage of being much more eco-friendly than synthetic, man-made carpets which are manufactured using various chemicals. However, having a clean wool carpet is just as important as owning one. How do you clean a wool carpet without damaging the pile?

Every day your precious carpet becomes the dumping ground for the dirt, soil particles and pollutants which enter your home. Since the wool fibres are more delicate, a lot of debris gets entangled within the pile. There are a number of ways by which you can clean your favourite woollen carpet. The simplest method is vacuuming which is widely used. Along with vacuuming, simple stain removal is also useful.

How to Clean Wool Carpets

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning on Wool Carpet: Steam cleaning as it’s also known consists of a powerful machine that forces hot water and cleaning solution in to the pile of the carpet and powerful vacuums extract the dirty water, bacteria and other nasty’s hiding in your carpet! The advantage of using this method lies in the high power vacuum used in this process. This method requires expertise, so it’s always better to hire a trained carpet cleaning professional.

Removing Stains from a Wool Carpet

We sometimes stain our carpets, the stain might be anything, from food stains things like food stains, tea/coffee, ink stains, blood stains, vomit stains, oily stains or greasy stains, paint stains, etc. And it is our tendency to ignore these stains because of sheer laziness. Removing the stain at the early stages is very important for carpet stains. You will always have a hard time removing a dry stain.

• For wet stains, blot using the stain with a slightly damp, clean cloth. Don’t rub. Remember that you don’t want the stain to spread. After the stain has been soaked up, apply a little water. Blot up the water. You need to repeat the procedure until the stain is completely removed. A good tips to remember is to, move from edges to the centre of the stain. It’s common sense that this will prevent spreading of the stain.
• For the older/dry stains, what you need to do along with the above procedure is scrape the dry stain first so as to make it easier for removing the stain.
• A lot of shop bought stain removers can be more harmful than good to your carpets. The reason being is that they are full of high residue detergents that stick to the carpet fibres making it faster to re-soil. Also, some off-the-shelf carpet stain removers have what is known as “optic brighteners” or in other words bleaching agents in them. This type of carpet stain remover can leave permanent damage to the carpet fibres.

Some Tips to Follow while Cleaning Wool Carpet

• Do not be use harsh rubbing action with the carpet. You might end up peeling (entangling of the wool fibres with each other) the carpet and making the pile lighter in colour.
• Make sure you thoroughly vacuum the carpet at the very least every other day.
• Do not use normal soap detergents to clean the carpet as wool is a very delicate fabric. Best to use a slightly damp cloth.
• Make sure you use the services of a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year.

I hope these carpet cleaning tips are useful to you. Just remember, no hard rubbing of the stains. No shop bought stain removers, vacuum often and if you’re based in Edinburgh arrange to have DirtMaster around at least once a year to thoroughly deep clean your carpet and upholstery.

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