Sisal, Seagrass and Coir carpets – The pros and cons

Rugs and fitted carpets made from Seagrass, Sisal or Coir are increasing in popularity as a designer floor covering in British homes. We  at DirtMaster come across quite a few homes in Edinburgh that have these types of carpets and rugs.seagrass carpet cleaning

But unfortunately this type of natural fibre is a very difficult carpet to clean.

They can look great in any home and can be hardwearing if fitted correctly. But you should avoid installing them where moisture is likely in the home. I.e. damp basement, kitchens or bathrooms. Even though they are a durable carpet, they are not suitable in high traffic areas such as living rooms, stair and hallways, or entrance halls. These carpeted areas are in constant use and stains and spots are more likely to occur.

Bedrooms and family rooms (which don’t get used that often) are prime candidates for Seagrass and Sisal carpets.

It can also be hard on the foot if walking on the carpet barefoot, so not ideal if you have small children in the home.

Wet cleaning is not possible with this type of floor covering.  Shrinkage is a definite.  And colour may be lost from dyed fibres. Even simple stain removal using only water can leave a permanent water mark stain. Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh

The only way and safest way of cleaning Sisal, Seagrass or Coir, would be by using the dry compound method of carpet cleaning. This is because the dry compound system uses no water.

Unfortunately there are not many companies  that offer dry compound cleaning as the results can be a little disappointing, the compound (the product used) is a strong solvent based product which can be harmful if not used properly and the cleaning is usually allot more expensive compare to steam carpet cleaning.


Daily care tips for your Sisal, Seagrass and Coir carpets.

1. Vacuum regularly!  I can’t stress this enough. To make this type of carpet look its best you need to vacuum it on a regular basis, and this can only be done effectively with an upright vacuum cleaner.

2. You need to quickly blot up any wet spillages. Make sure this is done with paper towels or white cotton towel. You should then dry the area with a hair dryer. Please note: Wet spills can leave permanent water marks on your carpet. Sisal carpet is especially sensitive to liquid.


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