Cheap Carpet Cleaning

Is It Really Worth It?

Cheap carpet cleaning usually involves renting a carpet cleaner machine at your local supermarket, buying some chemicals and doing it yourself. Many people, however, prefer to hand this task over to a professional carpet cleaning company. But please be warned that “cheapest” is not always the best policy when choosing a method of getting your carpets cleaned.

Finding a good quality carpet cleaner can be a tricky task. The price charged is often the highest contributing factor in this search. But please bear in mind that, cheap carpet cleaning is not always a good a deal as it looks! Choosing cheap cleaning companies have been known to lead to more expenses and headaches in the future and often end up being a frustrating experience.

A carpet cleaning business can be started for less than £200. However, to truly be a success and have the proper equipment, training, insurance and cleaning chemicals, then anywhere from £10,000-£30,000 is needed. This is because good carpet cleaners are not the small hire types that you can put in the boot of your car. Most good carpet cleaning companies will use heavy duty industrial, hot water extraction machines which will need a van to be transported in and storage when not in transit. There is also other equipment like agitation machines, low moisture floor buffers, high end spraying units costing £200+,  twin jet wands and hand tools, industrial air moving fans to speed drying times etc. These all cost a lot of money and they also require regular maintenance to keep them working 100%.

Good carpet cleaning companies in Edinburgh use high-quality cleaning solutions and chemicals. These leave no residue (unlike the cheap cleaners) and can remove tough spots and stains far better than shop bought products can. Powerful stain removers cost more and they are important to have when getting carpets cleaned and in the right hands can make a huge difference. Even though the cheaper, less powerful, lower-quality stain removers might get a spot out at first, in the end they will leave a sticky residue on the carpet fibres which will attract dirt very quickly. Or they will just clean the surface of the stain and when vacuuming the stain will be drawn back to the surface, this is known as “wick back”. This is also true of the cheaper carpet cleaning detergents supplied with hire machines, not just the spot treatments.

Choosing a high quality carpet cleaning company also ensures that they have the necessary insurance policies in case something goes wrong. Full treatment risk and liability insurance are not cheap, they can cost close to £1,000 per year. The work of a quality company is often more expensive because of the training that each employee gets and the time that is required of them in order to complete a thorough carpet cleaning. A good deep cleaning cannot be done quickly. Good service requires a run through of the job with the client, a deep vacuuming, pre-spray, agitation of the pre-spray formula, stain removal, and then the steam cleaning process followed by another walk through with the customer to ensure everything has been done to a high standard.

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning company and thus more expensive carpet cleaning option is the safest route. You are less than likely to be in need of hiring another company to come out and re-clean the carpets if a good company is chosen. Cheap carpet cleaning or renting a machine is a route that is best left unexplored.
If you’re based in Edinburgh or surrounding Lothian’s area and require a deep down, thorough carpet or upholstery clean by a professional company, please don’t hesitate and call DirtMaster today on 0131 556 3367 for your free quotation!