Removing Dust Mites and Fleas from Carpets

Carpet Cleaning in Edinburgh – Removing fleas from carpets can be achieved by following eco-friendly methods, such as vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning. These remedies for removing fleas from carpets are safe and pose no health risks for you or your pets.

Fleas are small wingless insects that have tube-like sucking mouths. These parasites exclusively feed on the blood of warm blooded animals after piercing the host skin. Based on the organism which they infect, there are various flea species, such as cat fleas, dog fleas, oriental rat fleas and human fleas. One interesting fact about fleas is their ability to jump for a long distance, horizontally (13 inches) and vertically (7 inches). This is an impressive feat considering they don’t have wings.

The identifying features of fleas are dark colour, long hind legs and a laterally compressed body. When viewed under a microscope, you will find tiny hair covering the flea’s body. Though these wingless insects can be found in pets throughout the year, the main season for flea bites are spring and summer time. During these months, it is not unusual to find flea infestations in carpet, rugs and upholstery. With prompt action and cleaning, killing fleas in your carpets and upholstery can be achieved effectively.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Carpet?

Many times, the adult female will lay her eggs in pets, carpets, rugs, upholstery, the pets sleeping place. These eggs after passing several growth stages mature into adults. In favourable climatic conditions, the growth period is as short as two weeks. In colder climates, the larval and pupal stages remain dormant for about a year, or until the onset of warm environmental conditions. So basically, many generations of fleas accumulate in carpets or pets bedding, resulting in a heavy infestation.
The following are some of the home remedies for fleas in carpets and rugs:

Quarantine Infested Pets
This is the first step in controlling fleas in home. Do not forget to quarantine pets that have flea infestations and bath them with appropriate soaps. You can find this pet grooming products at any good pet shop or supermarket. This is because, even if you succeed in getting rid of fleas from other places, those infesting in the pet will spread again. In short, it is of no use killing fleas in carpets unless you treat your pet first.

Vacuuming the Carpet Thoroughly
When present within the carpet fibres, they are hardly visible with the naked eye. In case you notice any flea signs in pets, make sure to examine the pets bedding and carpets for infestation, which is quite common. Then, vacuum clean all the carpets, pets bedding and upholstery furniture on a regular basis. Change the vacuum bag before reusing the vacuum cleaner.

Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning
The best method by far for killing fleas in carpets and upholstery is giving it to hire a professional carpet cleaner to give your carpets a thorough deep clean. This step is essential for flea infestation, because vacuuming is not sufficient to remove flea larvae that remain stuck in the carpet fibres.

If you think you have a these critters living and breading in your carpets, upholstery and rugs and would like rid of them, then give DirtMaster – Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh a bell on 0131 556 3367. We are trained in all levels of deep steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, and we also carry the necessary products to kill fleas and pests from carpets for good!