Best Carpet Cleaning Marchmont Edinburgh EH9

EH9 Marchmont Carpet cleaners! Our services are available for you in the Marchmont area for all your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs.  

DirtMaster services the entire EH9 area! This includes the following: Blackford, The GrangeMarchmont, Mayfield and many more! 

Carpet Cleaning Marchmont Edinburgh EH9
Blackford Hill, Edinburgh EH9

If your in need of carpet cleaning services in the Marchmont area, you’re in the right place! The carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services is second to none and we offer our service in whole of the EH4 area including Marchmont. 

“DirtMaster has been cleaning my carpets for the last 10 years. I’ve stayed with them because of their top-notch work and professionalism. I highly recommend them!” Peter, The Grange, Edinburgh 

DirtMaster gives your business or home a pro carpet cleaning services, leather sofa cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. 

We also offer commercial upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning for your office, commercial upholstery cleaning, stone cleaning, safety flooring cleaning, and much more! 

Carpet Cleaners in Marchmont 

We will offer you a thorough deep-down carpet cleaning which is second to none! Using the Hot Water Extraction cleaning system, the best and deepest form of carpet cleaning, your carpets will be cleaned as well as sanitised.  

Commercial Carpet cleaning Marchmont 

DirtMaster takes care of all commercial upholstery and carpets. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your bar, office space, nursery, hotel, or guest house – we do all of these and more! 

Sofa Cleaning Marchmont 

DirtMaster thoroughly refreshes and cleans your armchairs, dining chairs, sofa, corner sofas, and much more! We have vast training and experience in the cleaning of many types and varieties of sofa and fabrics. Upholstery cleaning in Marchmont and EH9.  

Leather Sofa Cleaning Marchmont 

Your leather upholstery will be fully restored to their original state by our leather sofa cleaning service! We clean each part of it by hand with dry foam products and we then apply leather conditioner to bring the natural protection and shine back to your furniture. 

Hard Floor Cleaning Marchmont 

If you’re in the EH4 area and need someone to clean your tile, stone flooring, LVT, or grout, DirtMaster is here for you. We bring 20+ years of experience with the cleaning and treatment of these surfaces. We clean your hard floors thoroughly and apply a natural high-quality finish sealant to keep your surfaces protected for many years to come. 

“I am so pleased with my limestone floor that DirtMaster cleaned! I recommend them to all my work colleagues and family!” Charles, Marchmont 

Why should you hire DirtMaster as your professional carpet cleaning solution in Edinburgh’s Marchmont area? 

  • 1. We have vast experience in the carpet cleaning industry – our carpet cleaning services have been on the market since 1989! 
  • 2. Carpet cleaning is our passion – we always use the latest products and innovations in the carpet cleaner industry 
  • 3. We offer you fast and quick drying times. We get carpets dry as quickly as possible.   
  • 4. We are near you! Locally owned and operated out of Edinburgh
  • 5. We are a fully insured business with all required insurance and credentials 
  • 6. Our carpet cleaners are fully trained and accredited, and always trained and updated with the latest technologies and techniques. 
  • 7. Affordable pricing and ZERO hidden costs.  
  • 8. We utilize the best high-power machinery in the carpet cleaning industry.  
  • 9. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back for all Marchmont and EH9 area clients. 
  • 10. Our products are all child-friendly, pet-friendly, and environmentally friendly!  

“Done a fantastic job of my sofas.  Will have you back to clean my carpets” Becky, Blackford 

Some of our carpet cleaning work is conducted in the EH9 area. 

Deep cleaning here in a student let flat in Spottiswoode Street in Marchmont. Carpet was heavily soiled but we where able to save it from the skip.

Carpet Cleaning in Marchmont

Wine stain removal here on a beautiful, wool handwoven ziglar rug. As you can see, DirtMaster was able to remove the red wine stain and also brought back the vibrant colours after years of heavy usage. This carpet cleaning job was carried out in the Blackford area of Edinburgh.

Carpet cleaning Blackford Edinburgh

Hot water extraction in full effect! This kitchen/dining area carpet is over 8 years old! DirtMaster was able to bring it back to close to new as possible. Marchmont Road carpet clean in Edinburgh.

Carpet Cleaning Marchmont Edinburgh

This carpet cleaning was carried out in The Grange, Edinburgh. Black coffee and a newly laid 100% wool carpet is not a good combination! It is important that this was dealt with immediately. As you can see, we where able to remove the unsightly coffee stain.

Carpet cleaning The Grange Edinburgh

Professional Carpet cleaner in Marchmont Edinburgh

Covering all of Marchmont since 1989

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