Pitfalls of Franchise Carpet Cleaning Companies

We were recently called into a large well known office block in Edinburgh for some carpet cleaning and office chair cleaning work. They had used a cleaning franchise company just five weeks previously to contacting DirtMaster. They were not satisfied with the end result of the clean, as the carpet tile and the fabric on the chairs looked patchy, dull and a lot of the stains where not removed.

Here are some reasons why you might want to think twice about choosing a general carpet cleaning franchise:

 1. Franchisees often have to use products and machinery that have been dictated to them by the master Franchisor to offer the maximum amount of profit for the company. These are usually well over inflated in price. The second problem is that these will not necessarily be the best products or machines for the job in hand.

2.  A franchise cleaning company might not be based local to you, which would make it difficult to put anything right if the work was not of satisfactory standard.

3. By using a cleaning Franchise you could be paying a lot more, as they need to add a commission rate to any work carried out to pay the Franchisor. Add to this the fact that they pay extra for materials (as stated in point No.1) and high set up costs. These extra costs are passed on to the consumer.

The cleaning company who had previously cleaned the office in question had used a high Ph cleaner, which is not recommended for that type of carpet tile and defiantly not recommended for upholstery. As a result, both looked dull and patchy.

An independent carpet cleaning company like DirtMaster continuously tests new products to ensure that they are using the best products and machinery available to give you the client the best possible clean.

If your are based in or around the Edinburgh and Lothians region, please don’t hesitate to give DirtMaster a call for all your carpet and upholstery needs.