Tips on Caring for your Upholstery

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You can spend a lot of money on your sofas and armchairs. So knowing how to clean and care for your upholstery is important. In this article you will find general care guidelines that we have created to consider before cleaning.

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You can increase the life of your upholstery by following a few simple rules:
1. If your upholstery has a lot of usage, consider using nylon covers. It will do a good job of protecting your furniture plus they are machine washable. But do remember to choose natural coloured covers as bright colours can stain the fabric of the sofa if left in direct sun light.
2. Light brushing using a soft bristle hand brush followed by vacuuming on weekly basis helps to eliminate dirt before it becomes embedded in the fibres of the fabric.
3. Clean spots and stains quickly with a slightly damp and clean towel.
4. Turn loose cushion over every other week to allow even distribution of wear and tear.

Identify Stains
Before trying to remove a stain from your upholstery, you need to know the type of fabric you have. Most manufacturers put cleaning codes on the furniture’s label. These codes tell you the best way to clean and remove stains.

Removing Stains on Upholstery
You should inspect your upholstery for spots and stains and identify your problem areas. Usually a good cleaner can clean and work on removing the stains as well. But for the tough and sticky stains like grease, crayon, gum, and ink, treat the stain first before cleaning. A great option to use is a powerful solvent containing citrus, which break down tough stains easily leaving fresh smell.

The above suggestion is only good if you have a synthetic fabric suite, which are more straightforward to clean.

Cleaning upholstery is an art form. You can easily get it wrong and create a lot of damage if you don’t know what you’re doing or overdo the cleaning. For example, colour bleed, shrinkage, tears in the fabric, pile distortion, over wetting which can cause bacteria to grow in the body of the sofa making it a health hazard.
It is a much better idea to hire a professional upholstery cleaner with the right tools, chemicals and more importantly, the right skills to complete the job to a high standard without any problems occurring.

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