Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips

Leather sofa cleaning Edinburgh. Looking for easy methods for cleaning leather furniture? Then you have come to the right page since the article given below provides some simple home remedies for cleaning leather furniture.

Leather is a durable and versatile fabric that is used for making a number of things like furniture fabric, clothing, shoes, bags, etc. When it comes to having leather furniture in your home, you need to keep it clean and healthy to maintain the beauty of the leather. Whether it’s a leather sofa, leather recliner or a leather arm chair, leather furniture looks beautiful only when it is clean and cleaned properly! Leather-Sofa-Cleaning-EdinburghEach leather stain needs to be treated differently and hence you should be aware of the exact techniques for cleaning various stains on leather. So, are you ready to learn how to clean leather furniture? Then take a look at these methods on cleaning leather furniture at home.

Best Way to Clean Leather Furniture

Even if your leather furniture does not get stained, you should clean your leather furniture once in a while. This cleaning helps in maintaining the luster, removing body oils, soiling and perspiration on the leather surface. Given below are various methods for cleaning leather furniture naturally.

General Cleaning: You can always go for cleaning leather furniture with a slightly damp cloth, when you want to clean the leather furniture for general maintenance. Apply the damp cloth in a circular motion and leave it on the leather surface for 10 minutes. The buff the leather with the help of a soft cloth and your leather furniture is cleaned. Read more on leather cleaning.

Greasy Stains: Grease stains are formed on leather furniture due to spilling of oily food items or any substance containing oil. Blotting of the oil over the leather surface is the first thing you should do when your leather furniture is stained by grease. Then, simply put some talcum powder on the stained area to absorb the remaining oil from the leather, later wipe off the powder. Do not apply water or any other liquid when the leather furniture is stained with oil or any other greasy substance. Given below are some tips for cleaning leather furniture.

Difficult Ink Stains: Leather is an absorbent material and ink can dye the leather if you do not take quick action. Fresh stains of ink are quite easy to remove as compared to old stains. For fresh ink stains you can try cleaning your leather furniture with alcohol. Gently dab a piece of cotton with alcohol and gently rub it over the stained area. Then dry the treated leather surface with a hair dryer on a low setting (not too hot!)

Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips
• Leather is porous and absorbent and hence you should clean it immediately when it gets stained. Otherwise the spilled liquid will get absorbed into the leather and then cleaning becomes very difficult.
• Avoid using harsh chemicals like those containing ammonia, to clean your leather furniture.
• While general cleaning of the leather furniture, always vacuum the leather surface and dust it throughout.
• Do not keep the leather furniture in direct sunlight or near any other heat source.
• Different types of leather require different methods of cleaning. So make sure you are using the correct method to clean your leather furniture.
• Avoid using saddle soap and varnish for cleaning your leather furniture.
• Water stains are very easy to remove, since water evaporates easily. But do not use any blow dryer for evaporating the water and let the water evaporate naturally. You can pat the surface dry with a dry cloth.

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