Carpet Cleaning Blackhall in Edinburgh EH4 

Rust stain removal carpet cleaning Blackhall Edinburgh 

Carpet Cleaning Blackhall. Rust staining on the carpet around the pipes of the radiator is a common sight. It’s actually a tricky stain to remove. Its not as straight forward as using a rust removal acid. There needs to be a combination of products. Luckly DirtMaster can fix this for you! 

The black sludge that comes from leaky radiators is called Magnetite. This black substance is basically dissolved and rusted pipework of the central heating system. It develops when air and water react with ferrous components inside of the radiator. 

In the photo below, a plumber and heating engineer who’s a regular customer of ours called us on behalf of his client. They had this unsightly black mark on their wool carpet that had happened over the weekend when their radiator leaked. The job was in the Blackhall area of Edinburgh. Thankfully the client hadn’t tried any DIY attempts to remove the stain from the carpet. Excessive scrubbing and the shop bought cleaning products can sometimes make things worse!   

Carpet Cleaning Blackhall Edinburgh
Carpet Cleaning Blackhall Edinburgh

I hope you can see from the before and after photos that we were successful in fully removing the rust stain and finished off by cleaning the whole carpet. The client was over the moon as we managed to save them a small fortune on replacement costs and the hassle of replacing the carpet. The carpet in question is over 20 years old and still in very good condition. Hopefully the owner can get another 20 years’ use out of it.  

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