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EH12 Corstorphine Carpet cleaners! Our carpet cleaning services can be hired today for you in the Corstorphine area for your carpet cleaning and upholstery service needs! 

Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh EH12
West End, Edinburgh EH12

DirtMaster offers services to the entire EH12 region! This includes East Craigs, Carrick Knowe, Balgreen, Gogar, Roseburn, Coates, Murrayfield, West End, Bughtlin, and Corstorphine. 

Do you need carpet cleaning services in Corstorphine? If so, you’re in luck! Our professional carpet cleaning services cover all Edinburgh, which includes the whole of EH12!  

“DirtMaster impressed me with their incredible work and professionalism” Michael, West End

DirtMaster will give you and your business a thorough and professional carpet cleaning service, as well as services for hard floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and leather sofa cleaning. 

Also offered are carpet cleaning for your office, commercial upholstery cleaning, stone floor cleaning, safety flooring cleaning, and more! 

Carpet Cleaners in Corstorphine 

We give your house and your business a thorough and full carpet cleaning service which is guaranteed to make your carpet look amazing! We use Hot Water Extraction, which is the best carpet cleaning method today. Your carpets will be sanitised as well as deep cleaned. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Corstorphine 

DirtMaster will take care of all your carpet and commercial upholstery needs. Regardless of commercial setting, we’ll clean your nursery, bar, office, guest house, or hotel – we service all of them! 

Sofa Cleaning Corstorphine 

DirtMaster services your sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, corner sofas, and many more! Our thorough training and technician experience, covers all varieties of fabrics and all types of sofa and sofa materials. Upholstery cleaning in EH12. 

Leather Sofa Cleaning Corstorphine 

Your sofas will be cleaned and restored to their original condition via our extensive leather sofa cleaning service. We hand-clean each part of your sofa with dry foam products and apply our leather conditioner to restore the shine to your leather sofa. 

Stone Floor Cleaning Corstorphine 

If you’re located in the EH12 district and need stone, tile, or grout cleaning, DirtMaster brings 20+ years’ experience treating these materials and can help you restore your flooring to their peak condition. 

Our technicians clean these particular surfaces thoroughly and treat them with natural finish sealants, which will ensure your tile and grout are protected for many years. 

“I couldn’t believe how good my tiles looked once the work was done! They haven’t looked this good in 15 years! Highly recommended!” Danny, East Craigs 

Why choose DirtMaster for your carpet cleaning provider in Edinburgh’s Corstorphine area? 

  • 1. Our company has worked in the carpet cleaner industry since 1989, bringing you over 30 years of experience. 
  • 2. We are passionate about carpet cleaning and stay up-to-date with all developments in carpet cleaner products, technologies, and techniques. 
  • 3. We treat and dry the carpet quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing you quick drying times!   
  • 4. We are locally owned and operated in Edinburgh and are very close to you!  
  • 5. We are fully insured and have all the required training and credentials for the carpet cleaning industry. 
  • 6. All of our carpet cleaners are fully trained with all the latest carpet cleaning equipment and techniques. 
  • 7. DirtMaster offers you the most affordable carpet cleaning pricing on the market today, and we have no hidden costs. 
  • 8. We use the carpet cleaner industry’s newest and finest technology.  
  • 9. We offer you 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all Corstorphine and Edinburgh-area clients. 
  • 10. All our products are all pet-safe, environmentally friendly, and child-safe!  

“Tony was super efficient in organising a time to suit me. Very happy with the job highly recommend” Sandra, Murrayfield 

Some of our carpet cleaning work is carried out in the EH12 area of Edinburgh. 

Carpet cleaning in Murrayfield here. Heavy soot fall coming from the chimney in this old tenement. We where able to sort this out for the client and also makes for a great before and after photo!

Carpet Cleaning Murrayfield Edinburgh

Chocolate milkshake spillage on this bedroom carpet clean in the Corstorphine area.

Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh Corstorphine

Great before and after picture on this heavily soiled hall way carpet. Our cleaning system and experiance made light work of this saving our client replacement cost. Carpet cleaning in East Craigs, Edinburgh.

Carpet Cleaning East Craigs Edinburgh

Professional Carpet cleaner in Corstorphine Edinburgh

Covering all of Corstorphine since 1989

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